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We offer a free consultation to discuss your project needs and scope of the project to determine the best approach to fit your vision, budget and timeframe.

Our Process

Tailored To Fit Your Needs.


Whether you come to our showroom or we come to you, our incredible support staff comes ready to listen to your needs, explain who we are and advise you on what we can do to make your dreams a possibility.


One of our Talented NewVo staff members meet with you (the client) and discuss what your vision for the space is, quotes, our vast product collection of durable high quality office solutions and what we can offer to precisely meet your exact needs.


We make a comprehensive design plan utilizing 2D and 3D rendered floor plans, color pallets to compliment the space, and review and finalize furniture and equipment selections to make sure everything's perfect


The vision! Let us bring the idea to life with 2D/3D renderings so you can visualize the end result.

latest project

Please take a moment to review some of our newest projects

Large Manchester mill yard Client

Large Manchester mill yard Client

Custom Desking designed  to fit  Vermont Engineering firm

Custom Desking designed to fit Vermont Engineering firm

Co-Working center

Co-Working center

Sales and Distribution offices for Commercial Stainless Piping distributor

Sales and Distribution offices for Commercial Stainless Piping distributor

Large Auto Parts Warehouse

Large Auto Parts Warehouse

Studio 141 Commercial Photography Studio

Studio 141 Commercial Photography Studio

New England’s branch office for nationwide Flower Distribution company

New England’s branch office for nationwide Flower Distribution company

Build a Wonderful Workspace that Inspires Productivity!

Having a custom designed office is everything you need. At NewVo Custom, we build office design concept that fits your environment. It may be work, but it does not make it feel like it.

boost productivity with well designed wworkspace

An Organized Office Offers a Productive Work Environment!

We spend the most time in the office; therefore, it must be a pleasant commercial space with incredible office interior design that keeps the employees motivated and productive. Our company is not only limited to the custom designed office but also build demountable walls and commercial furniture that fit your needs and space.

Our Working Process


We work with an office design concept designer, virtually or in-house, who will listen to your needs and requirements. Based on the space provided, measurements, and furniture you want to fit in, we build an architectural design office just the way you expected.


Being the top office products dealer, we have the draft plans ready that elaborate the entire office design concept and flow of the space. We communicate with the client and discuss the vast selection of finishes and materials to be used, including accessories, enhancements, and specialty items.


Once you have finalized the custom designed office plan, we move forward with the process. Our office products dealer goes into the details and studies every component and specifications of your design to give it a tangible shape.


When the construction is completed, our office products dealer starts the installation. From our experts, you can anticipate friendly, quick, and professional work. We give attention to detail and thoroughly clean the space after installation.

NewVo Custom– Your First Choice for Custom Designed Office

With the support of NewVo Custom, you can create your custom designed office that gives your space a signature look. We are not limited to creating an office design concept, but also known as the best office products dealer, which means you can get your office ready from design to furniture.

We are the leading high-quality custom designed office dealers who design the highest comfort design standards. Our company stands above the rest for our exceptional designs, expertness, meticulous workmanship, and optimum amenities. We have become the fastest growing office products dealer, providing office seating, desks, and storage solutions.

We have an amazing office design concept available to suit your requirements. Our office products dealer will cater to all your needs in all kinds of synchronous custom designed office and theme. In the shaping and building of such extraordinary products every day, a bunch of young yet experienced people follow every detail meticulously, devote themselves to the quality, professional approach, and timely deliveries, leading to winning our esteemed clients’ trust in us.

At NewVo Custom, we have a proficient workforce, committed and diligent staff members. A lot has changed over the years in the art scenario. Presently, art is growing faster as an investment instead of something which would elegance the walls of your office and is with your forever.

impressive, reliable, and durable office design

Know About Our Design Philosophy

Our custom design concept philosophy is to give you the space that inspires you and your employees to do their best work and reduces stress by having everything organized around, like files, paper, and other office supplies.
We estimate every custom designed office project after evaluating the whole work needed because we want to be ensured that the journey we offer to accomplish your dream office design concept is right for you.
As the leading office products dealer, we believe in manufacturing using the highest quality materials only. We always make sure that your office furniture not just looks impressive but is reliable and durable too.

We Create an Office Layout that is Great and Comfy!

When the business flourishes, so will the team, and at some point, you may want to revamp your office space to fit everything in the right place. If you have any requirements concerning any office furniture or supplies, our office products dealer can help.

We create an inspiring office design concept that looks great and suits your business and business needs. Office furniture and other products manufactured by NewVo Custom are not only functional, durable, and look great but also maximize the floor space. We build everything for your office that fits the needs of your layout. The office design and products are prepared as per your order; we never stock standard designs.

NewVo Custom’s commercial office furniture is built using unique tools and techniques, giving the ultimate design flexibility while using less space to fit in. If you are buying office products from NewVo Custom, you are making the right decision. Our furniture appears new for years. The best part– A lifetime guarantee backs it.

If you want to know more further about our custom design and office products for your workspace, connect with us at NewVo Custom and speak with one of our representatives for a brief. Our team will guarantee to respond to your queries promptly. Get in touch with us at NewVo Custom today!

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09 Oct


With todays social distancing concerns as well as what is the most efficient furniture available for your style, NewVo Interiors is well prepared to work with our clients to provide the best solution required ....

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NewVo Custom offers a Design process from Concept to completion. ....

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09 Oct


Traditional: This style is classic period wood with detailed wood work often in the Queen Anne style. Soft seating tends to be tufted seating to include high wing back chairs. ....

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